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LKH75-6 Diamond Wire Saw Machine

LKH75-6 Diamond Wire Saw Machine

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  • 第四代旗舰产品
  • Upgrade to permanent magnet synchronous drive with more strong output torque
  • Strong dual supports of power head with no trembling and droop
  • Communication transmission and dual PLCs control systems
  • Mal-function show on the screen for easy maintenance
  • Inching function of power head rotation and machine moving


  • 您想采石大理石或花岗岩,但不知道要购买什么设备?
  • How to design an optimal solution for quarry stone.
  • Most quarry equipment is too expensive. Which machine is the best for you.
  • 操作这些机器很容易吗?我的工人可以很好地操作这些石材采石场吗?
  • 如果机器不起作用,是否容易修理?


Who are we? What problems can we solve for you?

Our company name is GuiLin KangHua Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd(shorten for Kanghua), We are the manufacturer and supplier of diamond wire saw machine. After watching this video, they all choose Kanghua machine.



  • 高生产效率:Make your output higher and more profitable.
  • Stone is no internal injuries:采石场的质量更高
  • Large size blocks can be mined:Let your stone to meet the needs of market diversification
  • Low comprehensive quarry costs:The machine is cheap,One person can operate several machines at the same time
  • 环境保护:附近的居民永远不会抱怨您的采石场污染
  • Security:Security is guaranteed and there will be no casualties in the quarry.


Here is a comparison table.Our machine has ten major features:

Metal sheet

我们的 金属板较厚(金属板的厚度为12mm,其他品牌为6-8mm)。机器更重,因为机器是由较厚的金属板制成的。当机器工作时,振动很小。因此,锯槽是最小的。它可以延长电线锯的寿命。
others Most use thinner metal sheet . Although some machines are very large in size, Due to they are spot welded, the machine shakes during work and will deform after a certain period of time.

Power unit

我们的 The rotary speed reducer of double supports which is researched and developed by our company supports the power unit. The spindle diameter is large and up to 225 mm with heavy load capacity. The power head is supported strongly and operates smoothly. The parallel misalignment between the upper and the lower axis of moving case is very small, so the power head will not drop or tremble even though it is used for a long term.
others 主轴的外径仅为140mm。除了更换外,无法修复它。严重影响采石石的质量。

The Lifting lug of equipment

我们的 The Lifting lug of equipment is particularly designed as an integral structure with the machine body to avoid hoisting accident probably reduced from soldering problem.
others The Lifting lug of equipment is welded to the equipment.


我们的 The guide wheel is mounted with an integral seal bearings (car bearing) specially designed for wire saw machine. The bearing can be used for over two years and doesn’t need to change. If the aluminum guide wheel is broken, the operator can replace it easily because the dismounting of aluminum guide wheel is very convenient.
others General bearing.At most 3 months,you must change it.And it is very difficult for you to replace.

Feeding system

我们的 采用机器的饲养系统具有特殊的结构,即蠕虫速度降速器的输出链轮与毛毛虫轨道之间的距离可根据要求调节。因此,链轮和毛毛虫可以长期保持良好状态。特殊的链轮的设计和制造为大的螺距和增强的齿轮,因此电线锯机可以顺利进行,即使毛毛虫在采石场也不是水平的。按钮开关使用西门子,这些西门子被保护盒覆盖,以防止灰尘和水。
others Chain drive. The machine must work in a very flat place.And the gearing distance can not be adjusted.

Drive system

我们的 动力头的横向移动在液压上是完全自动控制的,以提高机器的可靠性和寿命。旋转360º并沿侧向移动的功率头是由手控制盒操作的。因此机器可以以任何角度切石。
others The lateral moving of power head is screw driven and easy to fail

Lubrication system

我们的 The machine is greasing and has an automatic lubrication function.
others Lubrication using oil. The time for the machine to remain lubricated is short.

Control system

我们的 控制系统具有文本显示功能和通信传输和双PLC之间的组合以及仅有5条电线。因此,故障率很低,电力故障可以直接显示在操作层的屏幕上。它方便维护。操作层提供备用函数键,当按钮开关断开时,可用于操作机器。生产不会停止。
others 传统方式

Frequency converter

我们的 The frequency converter has been upgraded to permanent magnet synchronous drive. The torque of motor can be enhanced to 150% which is more strong and powerful and it can be increased with the increase of load. So the wire saw is convenient for cutting stone at low speed.
others 一般变频器;无法增加rque

Inching function

我们的 Our machine provide with a hand control box with an Inching function
others Most of the other brands have no this function.

LKH75-6diamond wire sawMachine Introduction:

Cutting Efficiency: Marble Cutting: 12-16m²/h
Wire Saw Speed: 0-40m/s
Length of Wire Saw: 20-150m

LKH75-6钻石的功能wire saw machine

The钻石锯机器can do ground level and vertical level cutting with a max lateral movement of 2200cm without moving the machine. And with the enlarged gear, this diamond wire saw machine can also work even in slope position and avoid the risk of sliding. Auto hydraulic system is used to control the power head and flywheel direction and position.

Advantages of LKH75-6 Diamond Wire Saw Machine:

  1. Slewing Reducer with Double Support--Slewing Reducer Shaft Never Moves Down;
  2. Integral Sealed Bearing--More than 2 years Working Life;
  3. 永久磁铁同步机 - 有效且高扭矩;
  4. Screen Display Control System--Lower Failure Rate and Easier Operation;
  5. Dual Operation System--Guarantee No Breakdown and Continuous Production;
  6. Integral Lifting Lug--Safe Hoisting;
  7. Thicker Steel Plate--Strong and Durable;
  8. 自动切割,更高的剁g Efficiency and Effect;
  9. Inching Function--Convenient to Find the Wire Saw Connector;
  10. Automatically stop when cutting is almost completed--Manual control will work after automatic cutting stops;

Specification of LKH75-6 Diamond Wire Saw Machine:






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